The Perfect Manhattan

Posted on Tue 16 December 2014. Tags: Whiskey, Rye, Vermouth,

The Manhattan is a classic pre-prohibition cocktail that many people claim was created at The Manhattan Club in New York City in the 1870s, although the accompanying story is probably not true. In general it's believed to have been created in the late 1800s somewhere in New York [1 ...

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Meet Otto

Posted on Mon 15 December 2014. Tags: Otto,

Otto is a cartoon octopus with a drinking problem, and the origin of the word Drunkopus. At this point we're pretty sure he is entirely filled with alcohol. Well, alcohol and ink.

More pictures of Otto are forthcoming!

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The Christmas Tree

Posted on Sun 01 December 2013. Tags: Christmas,

The Christmas tree grew by a bend in the road. It wasn't a Douglas-fir, or even a coniferous tree, it was a gnarled old oak. For years it stood by the side of the road with a red ribbon tied around it in a fancy bow.

Each year the ...

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